(first image)
Alterations 1 & 2
Fused glass powder & enamels on sheet glass, sandblasted
20 x 8 x 1 inches each
(second image)
20 x 20 inches
oil and acrylic on canvas
(third image)
Movement #7
8 x 8 x 4 inches
Hand cut paper and acrylic on panel
(fourth image)
Panhandlers: house sparrow
5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches
hand built porcelain, cone 6 glaze


D. Scott Patria, Manager
Whitespace Contemporary
2420 Wall Ave
Ogden UT  84401


Whitespace Contemporary, northern Utah's most exciting venue for contemporary art, is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition schedule:

Next, Whitespace will present a fascinating survey of contemporary painting and sculpture, once again curated by staff of Patrajdas Contemporary.  
New Year | New Artists | New Work
A group exhibition introducing new artists, as well as new work from favorite artistsOpening February 21, 2014, with a reception from 6 - 9 pm on March 7th, in conjunction with Ogden's First Friday Gallery Stroll.
In an interesting, participatory twist, visitors will be able to "vote" for the artist they'd most like to see be granted a solo.
Of particular note in the exhibit will be works by three of today's most promising New SurrealistsJaime Treadwell (PA), David Nakabayashi (NY) and Mark England (UT). Each takes a different approach, but ultimately presents his expressions of human dis/connection, and questions of visual expectations and cultural identities for our consideration.

Marcus Jansen (FL) is a combat veteran who transformed his life from soldier to an Internationally-recognized artist is widely noted as a pioneer of socio-political urban expressionistic paintings. With roots in street art / graffiti, Jansen's dystopian landscapes and still-lifes are garnering international accolades.
Two additional artists not before exhibited at Whitespace include Charles Clary (TN) and Kate MacDowell (OR), both of whom examine biological metamorphosis; Clary's colorful cut-paper constructions of viruses contrast beautifully with MacDowell's white-porcelain sculptures ofplant/animal hybrids, each bringing forth beauty from darker roots.
Brad Greenwell (UT) and Rogelio Manzo (CA) both use the figure as a basis for their work, but each departs drastically in his treatment; Greenwell superimposes pop culture, while Manzo lays the underlying psyche bare.

Finally, two women using glass in unexpected waysAnna Mlasowsky (CA) and Etsuko Ichikawa (WA)'s works are informed by their cultural roots;Ichikawa draws with molten glass (and soot in water), much like Japanese brush-painting, while Mlasowsky's European heritage is evidenced in her highly-technical yet painterly approach(es) to the material.
WHITESPACE, a contemporary art venue, and the first of its kind in Ogden, is located at 2420 Wall Ave., downtown Ogden. WHITESPACE will be a leading venue for contemporary art in Utah, and is available to outside curatorial projects and exhibition proposals in all media, from organizations and individuals seeking to expand contemporary art dialogue.


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